We can look back to 100 years of familiy tradition in the grain business. This tradition and these values influence upto now our business.

The know how in the international grain business is the basis of our activities. Our longtime experience helps us to learn from the past in order to better understand the markets of tomorrow

Everyone today has good access to information. However which information is the right one to make a buying- or a selling decision? The function of the broker lies in the choice of the relevant information and the forwarding to our customer in the shortest and most comprehensive form.

Nothing is older than an information of yesterday. In the era of information the reaction time for the market participants is of utmost importance for success. We have a direct communication policy, which guarantees the access to the latest market news in the shortest period of time to our customers.

Avoiding problems before they occur through the choice of first class trading partners. A solid trust basis, which is built on long term relationships, and an open communication are the warranties for mutual success.